Tracking Your Equipment With a GPS Tracker


A GPS equipment tracker is a portable, rugged, and reliable way to keep track of your equipment. It provides a wide range of options, depending on your needs and the assets you want to monitor.

Equipment tracking with GPS is a simple and effective way to keep your jobsite running smoothly and efficiently. The service can be as affordable as a monthly rate, providing you with peace of mind and keeping you on top of your assets.

An equipment tracker can help you monitor the movement of a range of heavy equipment and other mobile assets. Using a device like this can help you avoid breakdowns, theft, and vandalism. This technology also helps you monitor the use of your equipment, giving you insight into how much is being used at any given time.

Tracking your equipment can be a cost-effective way to protect your assets, reduce energy costs, and eliminate the labor and time you would otherwise spend manually managing your assets. For example, you could receive automated alerts when your vehicles are entering or leaving geofenced areas. Or you could create digital borders around sites and assign specific pieces of equipment to certain areas.

Equipment tracking can help you monitor the usage of your fleet, providing you with valuable insights into the optimal ways your employees can use your assets. You can see where your trucks are, how long they have been in a location, and even which pieces of equipment are not being used. If your trucks are missing or have been stolen, you can quickly locate them using the device.

The equipment tracking device is also ideal for trailers and other moving assets. Trailers, for example, are often targets of theft because of their mobile nature. With this device, you can send a tow alert when the truck is towed away, even if the tracking device has been turned off.

You can also set up geofences around your jobsite, alerting your heavy construction equipment when it enters or leaves a designated area. As well as preventing theft, this feature can also increase the safety of your equipment by keeping it in a safe place.

An asset tracking system can be used to track the activity of a variety of different assets, including tractors, excavators, backhoes, graders, and bulldozers. These devices can also be used to monitor your equipment's health, diagnostic data, engine runtime, and more.

The SilverCloud equipment tracking solution offers a weather-proof, ultra-compact design, a high-capacity internal battery, and a super-strong magnet. It also provides real-time mapping with Google Maps, as well as text and email alerts.

The tracking device is a small, robust device that can be externally powered with a 12V to USB cable with pre trip inspection technology. The GPS tracker can be configured to send up to 30-second updates, and it can be programmed to send alerts to a variety of authorized users.

In addition to helping you ensure the proper use of your assets, an equipment tracking device can also improve customer relations. Whether you are working with a single company or several, having real-time information on your customers can improve the experience of your employees and customers. Click here for more details about this service:

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